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Online Result Announcement (for SEGi University Students)

Results released for the following programmes. Please settle all your fees and email to unblock your results.

   1. BED
   2. DECE
   3. DMA
   4. DBA
   5. DAC

Thank you very much

(Publish date: 20-Jan-2015)

Online Result Announcement (for SEGi University Students)

The following results have been released. Please email after settling your fees to unblock results. Thank you.

   1. DVA
   2. DAD
   3. DCM
   4. DID
   5. DGD
   6. BMD
   7. BIA
   8. BVCD
   9. BEE
   10. BME
   11. BET
   12. BQA
   13. BCE
   14. BCON
   15. DME
   16. DCE
   17. BIT
   18. DIT
   19. DHM
   20. DTM
   21. DCA
   22. FS
   23. FA
   24. FC
   25. BEPR
   26. DEH
   27. DMLT
   28. DMC

(Publish date: 16-Jan-2015)

Online Exam Docket Announcement (SEGi University)

The Online Examination Docket is available for download for the following programmes:

   1. DEH 012015
   2. DMLT 012015
   3. MBBS 201109 COHORT 1A 012015
   4. MBBS 201209 (Professional Exam) 012015

Kindly go to to download your examination dockets.

(Publish date: 15-Jan-2015)

2015 Academic Calendar (KL Students)

Kindly collect your academic calendar from the 1st or 2nd Floor counter of SEGi Main Building.

Thank you.

(Publish date: 5-Jan-2015)

SEGI College subang jaya : December 2014 Examinations RESULTs

Please collect the December 2014 internal examination results for the following programmes from your respective faculties.

   1. BA.. Accounting and Finance
   2. BA. Business Management
   3. BA. Human Resource Management
   4. BA. Marketing
   5. BA. Early Years Education
   6. BSc. International Tourism and Hospitality Management
   7. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.

(Publish date: 5-Jan-2015)

SEGI College subang jaya : December 2014 Examinations RESULTs

The online results for December 2014 examinations have been released on 31 December 2014.

(Publish date: 5-Jan-2015)

Online Result Announcement (for SEGi University Students)

The examination results for the following programme has been released:

   1. DBA 092014 supplementary
   2. DAC 092014 supplementary
   3. DMA 092014 supplementary
   4. BAC 092014 supplementary
   5. BAF 092014 supplementary
   6. BBM-FM 092014 supplementary
   7. BBM-HRM 092014 supplementary
   8. BBM-MM 092014 supplementary
   9. BBM-SC 092014 supplementary
   10. BBM-GM 092014 supplementary

Kindly settle all your outstanding fees in advance. Email if you have any problems accessing your results.

(Publish date: 30-Dec-2014)

RM500 Late Course Registration Penalty Effective 1st Jan 2015

Students are given 2 weeks (in Long Semester) and 1 week (in Short Semester) to submit their course registration form to register their courses at the beginning of a semester.

Any late Course Registration is subject to the approval by the Faculty and there will be a RM500 Late Course Registration Penalty.

(Publish date: 18-Dec-2014)

*This Program is opened for SEGi KD Students Only

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