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The Learning Management System (LMS) is an instant communication tool between you and your lecturers. You can get the latest timetable, important notices, syllabus details, study schedules, course materials and quizzes uploaded by your lecturers.

Q: What is an LMS username and password? I don't seem to have any with me.
A: An LMS username and password are credentials for logging into the LMS at www.segi.edu.my/segi2u. It usually starts with your center id, for example: sckdns01022100.

Q: Okay i really do not have an LMS username and password. How do i obtain it?
A: You may obtain your LMS username and password from your programme coordinator.

Q:  I received my LMS username from my programme coordinator. What's my password?
A: If your programme coordinator only provided you with your username, your password would usually be the same as your username.